the gastronomy of ibiza



The gastronomy of Ibiza is part of the Mediterranean cuisine based on fish and meat, and with a long tradition in the elaboration of cakes and sweets.
As typical dishes of Ibiza, it is necessary to emphasize the soup, dry rice, borrida of rajada, tuna, partridge with cabbage, baked purcella, fried octopus, boiled meat and fish broth.

As for meats, we must praise the sobrasada and botifarró.

With regard to savoury pastry, coke with peppers, meat or fish empanadas and cocarrois, that are empanadas of chard and raisins, are excellent.

As for sweet pastry we cannot fail to mention the pancakes, the oreites which is a sweet cake with anise, the flao which is a cake made with cheese and flavored with herbs from the Ibiza Mountains, the greixonera and ensaimades.

During Christmas time, in each house is prepared the nadal sauce and it is offered to all the guests; No sauce is the same and every family has its secret in preparation.

The sauce ingredients are ground almonds, eggs, beef broth, sobrasada, lard, sugar, salt, saffron, black pepper, cloves and cinnamon. The typical bakery of Ibiza can be bought in all pastry shops or bakeries on the island.

Traditional Ibizan restaurants usually offer sweet cakes for dessert. As typical drinks of the Ibiza Island we must mention the Catalan peasant wine, with a bit bitter and very strong flavor, and the liquor made with bitter herbs.

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